What is a Selfie Station

At North Texas Selfies, our goal is to provide you with the best photo booth on the market! North Texas Selfies uses a state of the art photo booth called a Selfie Station. The Selfie Station platform is a 21st century, open air entertainment center which offers high quality booth-less photo services. Customers are able to immediately capture memories by uploading to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter straight from the station. Customers are also able to text and email the pictures to themselves. A printer will be set up to print out pictures instantly from the machine. As of now, there is nothing like it on the market.

What better way to remember your special day than to have an exciting photo booth at your wedding. North Texas Selfies will be the hit of the party. You will be able to pick from a regular white background or a green screen background for your guests to use. We can add the names of you and your spouse and the date to every picture. That way all of your guests will never forget the great time they had. Every picture that was taken will be loaded onto a flash drive and given you so you can see what a great time the guests had. There is also an option for the guests to make a 10 second video, that way they can congratulate you and your spouse on this special day.

This platform is also perfect for universities because it helps to gain exposure for admission and sporting events. Potential and existing students will love to interact and take pictures that will be seen by thousands of their friends, which will in turn, will promote the university. The selfie station retains all of the data from the event, so at the end, North Texas Selfies can provide you with all the email address's of the potential students for your admissions department to follow up on.

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